The Story

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Deb bought her first shire, a 6 month old weanling colt, Ingleside Dancer, in May 2004, however the involvement with heavy horses really began 30 years earlier.  Deb learnt to ride during the 1970’s on a bay half Clydesdale, and the seed was sown. The first foal was bred in 1989, a buckskin clydie cross colt, who was sold as a weanling due to Deb’s own family commitments. He went on to be a terrific harness horse. In 1996 the first full heavy horse, a bay unregistered Clydesdale mare, was bought and Deb began the journey of learning how to do agricultural work with a horse instead of a tractor. One Clydesdale soon became two, became three… there was no turning back. Chester’s arrival in 1999 heralded the beginning of the stud. Discovering the Shire breed in 2003 and in particular learning that the Shire Studbook permitted grading up, meant the focus turned from Clydesdales to Shires. The Australian Shire Horse Society announced the commencement of the Australian Shire Horse Studbook in 2007, and Deb is the Registrar. The breeding focus at Viewfield is to produce sensible and reliable horses, with conformation true to the breed standard, which have correct and active action, and temperament, temperament, temperament. Black is a bonus.