What I Do

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Mares are hand served by first preference, but Dan has paddock served.  Dan mostly runs with the broodmares, and once serving is over, he is allowed to run with his girls and their foals.  When foals are weaned Dan will usually continue to run with the mares but he has been used as the ‘baby sitter’ for the weanlings.  Sometimes during stud season he is paddocked on his own as a strategic measure, but never for very long.

Foal Handling

Foals are handled at and from birth.  Much time is spent during their first few days to win their trust and encourage them to approach a human and be friendly. Teaching the foals to lead, tie up, and happily have their feet handled generally happens at weaning.  A well mannered, respectful and obliging young horse that enjoys human contact is the aim.

Educating young horses

Deb has been educating her own horses for some years now and has successfully mouthed and started 14 working in chains with 6 of these working as a pair as well as a single and 10 of them ridden under saddle also.


Westbury and Deloraine (the latter being Tassie’s premiere heavy horse show) are fixtures on the calendar for Viewfield Stud.  Other Tasmanian shows have also been attended over the years, but not as a regular competitor.  Deb has also had the privilege of being part of the Ingleside Stud team at a few Sydney Royal Easter Shows, and has benefited greatly from the education and experience gained and the new friendships made.


While riding isn’t regular, it is something Deb enjoys.  It is hoped to do some of the stockwork with the sheep on the farm from horseback over the next 12 months.


Deb began by driving a single and a pair in low chains under the mentoring guidance of Peter Ackroyd.  Seminars, field days, clinics and visits to other horse properties, furthered the education and experience.  The privilege of friendship with Fred Broso of Wagga Wagga and Merv Shoard of Young added teams driving education and experience – 3, 6 and 8 horse teams mostly, but in 2002 Merv had an 11 horse team that Deb spent some time with.  The most recent endeavour has been to get sufficiently set up to be able to go solo with one of her own horses as a single horse in a cart.


It definitely is work to follow along behind a single or a pair hooked up to some sort of agricultural implement.  Deb has no intention of selling the tractor, but she would like to be able to plough a straight furrow one day all on her own.

Harness making (or should that be repairing?)

The aim… to be able to fix, alter, or make equipment for the horses… because it’s not possible to easily buy gear off the shelf that fits.  Deb has been privileged to have had a few lessons from a very patient and talented Merv Shoard.  A ‘starter kit’ of the basic tools is in the shed, so progress is happening.


With two decades of involvement with heavy horses there are been some special times, just to mention a few…

  • Driving Merv Shoard’s 6 horse team, and having the privilege of helping with his 8 and 11 horse teams, especially at  Gundagai 2002 where the 11 horse team was part of the Bullock Driver’s get together.  Learning harness making from Merv has also been pretty special.
  • Being part of driving an 8 horse team from Wagga Wagga to Ganmain and back in 2010, a 60 km, 4 day trek.  The team was put together by Fred Broso and took part of the Grand Parade at the Ganmain Show before beginning the return home.  The enjoyment was such that a return trip was made a few weeks later to join the trek to Ardlethan Show, only a one day drive this time, with the same team.
  • In 2011 the Ganmain trek was repeated, but this time with several singles and pairs in carts.  Deb had one of her own mares, Viewfield Kathryn, transported over and educated to shafts by Fred in order to participate in this trip.
  • Attending Gatton in 2010 and being part of Terry Herman’s team of helpers.  Driving his 8 abreast team of Australian Draughts in the cultivator was a real highlight.
  • Sydney Royal Easter Show, attended in the first instance as an interested onlooker and then 3 times since as part of the Ingleside Stud team of show helpers.
  • Shire Horse Society Australia Seminars – these were held in January for quite a few years, and 6 have been attended.  A most enjoyable, educational and social time was had each time.
  • Exporting three Viewfield fillies to New Zealand.