Light Horses


Mysterious Times: 16.1hh bay

Sire:  Carry the Crown (Can)

Dam: Karioi Flyer

Mysterious Times arrived at Viewfield Stud in 2011 for the purpose of breeding Shire Sporthorses


2012:  Colt foal born 25th September

Tragically Mysterious Times had to be put down just prior to foaling, but an emergency caesarean successfully birthed a healthy brown/bay colt foal.  Viewfield Lucky Break was given thawed colostrum for 24 hours then milk replacer.  An attempt with a foster mare failed.  By day 6 he was drinking straight from a bucket and spending the day with another mare but spending the night in the warmth of the hayshed.

At a month old he was running with his ‘nanny’ and another mare and foal and thriving!


Wuvable (aka Ruby): 15hh black/brown

Sire:  Estambul

Dam:  Wavishing

Ruby arrived at Viewfield Stud with the hope of breeding her to Ingleside Dancer to produce shire sporthorses.  Her temperament, conformation and movement met with our approval, and we have high hopes for some exciting progeny from her.


2016:  PTIF, due December 21st




TammyTammy: 15.2hh Chestnut.

Arrived at Viewfield Stud in 2002, used as a broodmare and has produced many lovely cross bred foals.


2003:  bay colt, Viewfield Archibold, Clydesdale Cross (sold in Tasmania)

2005:  bay colt, Viewfield Archie, Clydesdale cross (sold in Tasmania)

2007: bay filly, Viewfield Bounty, Clydesdale cross (sold in Tasmania)

2008: bay filly, Viewfield Celsey, Clydesdale cross (sold in Tasmania)

2009: bay filly, Viewfield Sonata, Shire Sporthorse (sold in Tasmania)

2011: bay colt, Viewfield Darcy, Shire Sporthorse (sold in Tasmania)

2012:  bay colt, deceased

2013:  bay colt, Viewfield Lochinvar, Shire Sporthorse (sold in Tasmania)

2015:  bay colt, Viewfield Archer, Shire Sporthorse (sold in Tasmania)

Tammy is now enjoying her retirement.