Broken Bridge Marrakai Champagne:

Black Appendix B Shire

Sire: Oakridge SpeculatorBroken-Bridge-Marrakai

Dam: Wildmoor Blue Ingrid

Marrakai was purchased from her breeder in NSW as an 18 mo filly. Marrakai has had considerable show success regularly placing in led and was unbeaten Heavy Horse under saddle in Tas in 2011. She has won or placed in working classes on all outings.


2012:  Viewfield Josephine, black filly, born 28th October (sold to Queensland)

2013:  Viewfield Finesse, black filly, born 25th October (sold, remaining in Tasmania)

2014:  Viewfield Billie, black colt (NB), born 5th January 2015 (sold and remaining in Tasmania)

2015:  Viewfield Gear Box, black colt (NB), born 30th December 2015 (sold and remaining in Tasmania)

2016:  Viewfield Chantilly Lace, black filly, born 10th December (sold and remaining in Tasmania)

Viewfield Kathryn: Bay Appendix B Shire


Viewfield Kathryn Sire: Oakridge Speculator

Dam: McMurchie Virginia

Kathryn has had considerable show success in led, driven and ridden. She was unbeaten heavy horse under saddle in Tasmania in 2010. She was not put in foal in 2010 so her education and show career could be continued. In July 2011 she was sent to Fred Broso of Volo Clydesdale Stud at Wagga Wagga to be educated to the cart, was shown with success at Ganmain Show in led and won a large class in the driven. She was put in foal prior to her return to Tasmania in December 2011


2012: Viewfield Keera, black  filly, (sold to New Zealand)

2014:  Viewfield April, black filly, born April 2nd (sold, remaining in Tasmania)

2015:  Viewfield Karisma, black filly, born 4th October (sold to New Zealand)

SOLD: to South Australia


Ingleside Imogen: Black Purebred Shire


Ingleside ImogenSire: Oakridge Speculator

Dam: Ingleside Emily

Imogen was purchased from Ingleside Stud as a weanling filly at about 6 months of age. Imogen was lightly shown as a yearling and 2 yo with success and has been educated to chains and saddle. She is a glorious ride under saddle with the most awesome trot, however broodmare duties have taken priority.


2010 black colt, deceased

2011 Viewfield Elegance, black filly, retained by Viewfield Stud

2012 Viewfield Huon, black purebred colt  (sold to Queensland as a colt)

2013:  Viewfield Treasure, black purebred filly born 5th December.  Sold to New Zealand

2014:  Colt foal, breech, deceased.  Not rejoined this season.

2016:  Viewfield Tasman, bay purebred colt, sired by frozen AI Trelow Bartimus.

2018:  PTIF to Ingleside Dancer, due 19th September


Viewfield Annie:  Bay purebred Shire

Dam:  Ingleside Felicity 

Sire:  Ingleside Dancer    dscn1013


Bay purebred filly with 4 white feet and a narrow blaze.  Shown at 3 shows in 2011 to be placed first in her class on each outing.  Education commenced in July 2012 – mouthed and driven in long reigns, pulled up to three tyres, and was backed under saddle half a dozen times.  She was progressing beautifully until health complications meant Deb had to cease working her until August 2013.  Such is her temperament that she was the foster mother  for an orphan foal  during spring 2012 dscn1031when she was only a 2 yo herself.

In 2013  Annie was taken to two shows.  She was awarded Champion Heavy Horse at Westbury Show and at Deloraine Show she was awarded Best Shire, was the Reserve

Champion Female Heavy Horse, and won Champion Working Horse.  She also was awarded the HW Davies Perpetual Trophy for the horse with the most points overall on the day.

In 2014 Annie was also shown twice.  She won best presented horse at Westbury Show and came second in her mare class.  At Deloraine dscn1043Show she was second in her mare class, won Best Shire, won Ridden Heavy Horse, won Champion Working Horse, and won the HW Davies Perpetual Trophy for a second time.

In 2015 Annie made it a hat trick at Deloraine Show, winning the HW Davies Perpetual Trophy for the third year in a row.  On the way to gaining this award she was Reserve Champion Female, Best Shire, won the Ridden Heavy Horse and won the Sled Obstacle Course taking home the Ian Atkins Memorial trophy.

2016:  In foal frozen AI to Oakridge Speculator, due 31st October.  While scanned pregnant,                    Annie did not foal in 2016.

2017:  Viewfield Pete, bay colt, born 19th December, sired by frozen AI to Trelow Bartimus.  Available for sale


 Viewfield Elegance:  Black purebred Shire


 Sire:  Ingleside Dancer  

Dam:  Ingleside Imogen

Black purebred shire filly with three socks and a blaze and a beautiful nature.  She is tall and leggy and growing into a lovely quality mare.  Her full sister has been sold to New Zealand.    Her education commenced in Feb 2014, she was mouthed and driven in long reigns, pulled up to three tyres, and was backed under saddle half a dozen times.  She was progressing beautifully, even driven as a pair once, but injury to her hand meant Deb had to cease working her.  Ellie has been successfully  bred by frozen AI to Trelow Bartimus.

2015:   Viewfield Got The Stamp, bay colt, born 1st November, AI by Trelow Bartimus.  Being retained by Viewfield Stud

2017:   Viewfield Filly, bay filly, born 24th October, AI by Trelow Bartimus.  Available for sale.


Viewfield Autumn Lady:  Black purebred Shire

Sire:  Ingleside Dancer

Dam:  Ingleside Felicity

Black purebred mare with four even socks and a blaze.  Lady is Annie’s full sister.  She is a tall filly with a calm and friendly nature.  She was educated in chains as a single and a pair as a 2 yo and was successfully put into foal using frozen semen from Trelow Bartimus in 2017.

2018:  PTIF due 9th Oct



Ingleside Felicity: Bay Appendix B Shire


Sire: Ingleside Might ‘n’ PowerIngleside Felicity

Dam: Locksley Farm Rhiannon.

Felicity was shown at Sydney Royal by Ingleside Stud as a yearling and again as a 2 yo, winning her class on both outings. Her daughter Ingleside Symphony was retained by Ingleside Stud and she went on to win Best Shire Exhibit at Sydney Royal in 2007 and 2009 (EI in between) as did her first foal (Felicity’s grand-daughter) Ingleside Lucinda, in 2010. Felicity’s progeny to Ingleside Dancer have also regularly won classes in Tasmania. Viewfield Jetson best Shire Gelding at Burnie, Westbury and Deloraine Shows in 2011. Viewfield Annie, first in her class at every outing in 2011 – Westbury, Huon and Deloraine Shows. Felicity was purchased from Ingleside Stud in 2007 PTIF to Oakridge Speculator (Imp).


2005 Ingleside Symphony, bay filly (retained by Ingleside Stud)

2006 Ingleside D’artanion, black colt (sold by Ingleside Stud in NSW)

2007 Viewfield Major Impact, black colt (sold to NSW as a Shire Sporthorse Sire)

2009 Viewfield Jetson, black colt (sold in Tasmania)

2010 Viewfield Annie, bay filly (retained by Viewfield Stud)

2011 Viewfield Fletcher, black colt (sold to NSW as a Shire Sporthorse Sire)

2012 Viewfield Kingston, black colt born 11th October (sold in Tasmania)

2014:  Viewfield Autumn Lady, black filly born Feb 20th, to be retained by Viewfield Stud

Felicity has been sold to Darkmoor Shire Stud, NSW.


Cedars Ursula:  Black Purebred Shire


Sire: Oakridge Speculator

UrsulaDam: Cedars Lady Aspen


Ursula was purchased from Queensland in August 2013 and arrived in Tasmania in September.  Born November 2010, she was successfully put in foal during the spring, then mouthed and educated to be ridden.  She will be lightly worked for a few months until maternity leave commences.

2014:  Viewfield Tamar Rose, black purebred filly, born 6th October. Sold to South Australia

2016:  PTIF, due Oct 28th to Ingleside Dancer

SOLD:  Ursula was sold in foal to NSW